Venom started in 1998.  We are celebrating our 19th year in 2016.

Venom is an acronym for Volkswagen Enthusiast Network Of Milwaukee.

Here’s what Venom means to us:

-Volkswagen – Although most of our membership has traditionally been the watercooled VW crowd, there is also a place for those who have graduated to an Audi or went back to our air cooled roots.  Although we all appreciate a great muscle car or another import, we’re not trying to be all things to all people.

-Enthusiast – Whether you are just getting started with your first VW or you’ve owned VW’s all your life,  a common interest is at the center of Venom.  An enthusiast “does stuff” – is a participant in our events, comes to meetings, contributes to and joins in the conversation.

-Network –  We’ve got folks that have the resources and experience you need to keep projects moving.  Join our events and become a part of the community.   Need someone to help roll those fenders, install those coilovers?  Not sure what your next mod should be?

-Of – Mr Weber says this means “expressing the relationship between a part and a whole.”  For years the biggest benefit of joining Venom has been the community we build here.  There are frequent cruises, meetings and get togethers.

-Milwaukee – We share a common love for our city and the southeast corner of our state.