Peeps in the Park

Peeps in the park is Venom’s “Season Opener”.  Part car show, part picnic, part GTA rally (Game, Tour, Adventure)

Event details here: Peeps in the Park
The GTA rally requires no special driving skills, no special vehicle.  Just a driver and a navigator.  Bring your own navigator, or pair up with someone at the event.    You will get from point to point by solving simple riddles or puzzles.  When you get to a checkpoint there may be a “treasure” to collect to get the points for that checkpoint.  Other checkpoints may need to take a photo next to a certain object to collect the points.

This rally is great to run either competitively (There will be a winner) or just to have fun and meet someone new.   Google search “SCCA GTA rally” for more details of what to expect.

We use any left over club funds from the previous year to sponsor this event.  For 2016 we will have a $5 suggested donation for members to cover the cost of the park rental, charcoal and the meats.  Everyone brings an item to share.

Feel free to comment and share your experiences if you have participated in Peeps in the Park in years past, or have done a GTA rally.

​See you there!

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